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Longship Cellars
February 9, 2024 | Longship Cellars

Wine Varietal Bundles

We’re excited to introduce NEW Varietal Wine Bundles! This is the perfect way to level up your tasting experience. Choose from a Cabernet Sauvignon bundle, Malbec bundle or Tempranillo bundle. Each bundle includes a Star Ship tier, upper tier and reserve tier bottle. Swirl, sip and compare each tier side-by-side. And enjoy extra savings! Wine Club Members save 30% and Non Club save 10%! These wines are great for enjoying with friends or family and makes a great gift for the wine lover in your life! Check out the Malbec Varietal, Cabernet Varietal and Tempranillo Varietal. Order online or at the Tasting Room. These bundles can be shipped in favorable weather.


Star Ship Malbec, Lady Wolf Malbec, Reserve Malbec
$100 :: Wine Club (30% savings)  ・  $128 :: Non Club (10% savings)
Shop The Malbec Bundle


Star Ship Cabernet, Wise Man Cabernet, Reserve Cabernet
$100 :: Wine Club (30% savings)  ・  $128 :: Non Club (10% savings) 
Shop The Cabernet Bundle


Star Ship Tempranillo, Invader Tempranillo, Reserve Tempranillo
$100 :: Wine Club (30% savings)  ・  $128 :: Non Club (10% savings)
Shop The Tempranillo Bundle


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