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March 21, 2024 | Longship Cellars

March Madness :: Longship Wine Edition Week #1

It's March Madness...Longship Wine Edition! Join in the March Madness fun by voting for your favorite Longship wines! Every Thursday and Saturday head to our Instagram Story @LongshipWine and vote for your favorite rivaling wines. The winning wine from each round will be announced after voting ends and will move on to go head to head with another favorite Longship wine! Check out the voting schedule below. The wine champion will be announced April 9th and will be featured in a special discount all week long. We'll have the basketball games on at the Tasting Room through the March Madness Tournament. 

Longship March Madness :: Mar 21 - Apr 8 
3/21 :: Round 1 Voting
3/23 :: Round 2 Voting
3/28 :: Round 3 Voting
3/30 :: Round 4 Voting
4/4 :: Round 5 Voting
4/6 :: Round 6 Voting
4/8 :: Final Round Voting
4/9 :: Winning Wine Announced

*Vote for your favorite wines every Thursday + Saturday on our Instagram Story @LongshipWine*


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