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Longship Cellars
April 22, 2024 | Longship Cellars

Happy Hour :: April 22 + 23

This week’s Happy Hour Spinner landed on BAKED BRIE! Can we get a halleluiah?! Today and Tomorrow save 10% on our Baked Bries! Choose from our Savory Red Sauce Brie, Maple Pecan Brie, Berry Medley Brie or Pesto Brie! We have a Baked Brie everyone and a delicious Longship wine to pair with it! Join us Monday + Tuesday 4-8pm.

Monday + Tuesday Happy Hour
April 22 + 23 :: 10% Off Baked Brie

Monday + Tuesday Happy Hour specials are valid only at the Tasting Room and cannot be used on discounted bundle items.


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